Projekt Beschreibung

„Shut up, polar bears, the first“ it was after two weeks of rehearsal. In this Making Of Feodor Bojarchinov told you, the A-captain and star of the film, from the shooting with his team, the polar bear Juniors. In search of the main characters for interactive film project „“ on behalf of „Against Forgetting – For Democracy“ had the look berlin zoom filmmaking for the first time made contact with the polar bears Juniors in the fall of 2011. Together with director Jan Gessler and screenwriter Julie Kamp Rath, the polar bears Juniors text co-developed in order to find the language of young people, what look zoom was hat.Gedreht set his focus in the cold days in November and December 2011 in Berlin Hohenschonhausen in corrugated iron palace in which the polar bears otherwise train, and in the context of their training venue. On set was also the developer of the „Virtual Video Camera,“ Felix Klose, from the „Institute of Computer Graphics“ at the Technical University in Braunschweig. With cameras synthetic intermediate images were calculated and bullet-time effects, as they are known from the movie „The Matrix“ made. For the polar bear, it was not always easy to strike a balance between teaching, training and filming. Nevertheless, everything was mastered with great success. Look behind the scenes and gives you a brief overview of what it was like on set the zoom look berlin film production.
In the following videos, which are shown in each case an intro clip and 5, it is about possible reactions to various situations. The intro shows a scene in which one or more young people are faced with the issues right and discrimination. By the illusion that is looked into a head of a young, clearly how many ways is there to respond to such a situation. The five different reactions to both shock you and show you the right way.